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Christmas is around the corner, could your next dream role be there?
Posted on 08 Dec 2015 | Comments: 0

Australia’s Job Market

Do you feel like employment growth in Australia has remained relatively subdued over the past few years?  Don’t worry! We have great news for all Aussies out there. It looks like recently employment growth has seen significant improvement and we have the stats to prove it.

According to the latest data from SEEK, new job ads are up 9.1% compared to last year and we should be seeing a moderate upward trend in new job ads across Australia. Now isn’t this something we should all be cheering about! 

Industry Forecast 2016 - Marketing and Technology

Staying up to date on the upcoming trends can be crucial to your career. You need to remain in the know to stay relevant! Hence, by educating yourself with the latest knowledge, you can help future-proof your career.

Are you ready for 2016 tech trends?

Technology is changing the face of the global job market. In Australia, almost every company is now a tech company. Did you know today most software developers don’t work in software firms? According to Indeed.com’s senior vice president Paul D’Arcy, out of the lot, only 25% actually work in software companies.

Here are some interesting trends from the recent World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on emerging technologies. They have identified the top ten most promising technology trends that can help to deliver sustainable growth in decades to come.

  1. Online Electric Vehicle (OLEV)
  2. 3-D printing and remote manufacturing
  3. Self-healing materials
  4. Energy-efficient water purification
  5. Carbon dioxide (CO2) conversion and use
  6. Enhanced nutrition to drive health at the molecular level
  7. Remote sensing

Let’s drill down a little deeper into the tech industry. According to Andrew C.Oliver, president of Mammoth Data, here are 9 developer trends you might see in 2016.

  1. Containers will rule the world
  2. Java’s decline as a language will accelerate
  3. The EMC/Dell merger will be a debacle
  4. NoSQL databases will take hold
  5. Spark, Spark, Spark
  6. Real-time everything
  7. ETL will continue to be the silent killer
  8. “Self-service” will be 2016’s keyword
  9. Management of big data and container farms

That covers a few key changes you should expect in the tech industry. Remember always keep abreast of the trends and you will be giving your peers a run for their money.

Meanwhile, in marketing today, the industry is expected to perform strongly with jobs in internal communications leading the herd with a 41% increase this month, while brand managers were also in demand (up 34%). Not forgetting, digital and search marketing that continues to steadily grow which reflects the trend as we spend more and more time online.

7 Game-Changing Marketing Trends in 2016

Here is an eye-opening look at what marketers should be leveraging in 2016. These 7 trends should help you direct where your job search efforts should be targeted at:

  1. Relationship Marketing
  2. Marketing Automation
  3. Location Based Marketing Technology
  4. Virtual Reality
  5. Ephemeral Marketing
  6. Search Past Search Engines
  7. The Internet of Things (IoT)

Always keep thinking ahead and see how your career will evolve from there! As we all know, early adopters often get a leg up on the competition, while those lagging behind miss out on a key opportunity to retain their positions.

Recruitment Trend - Australia & New Zealand

Not only do you need to know recruiting trends around the world, you need to understand what’s specifically trending in Australia & New Zealand to land your perfect dream job. Here is a brief summary of LinkedIn’s 2016 Australia & New Zealand Recruiting Trends released recently.

  1. Quality of Hire

With an increase in jobs, comes an increase in demand and competition for the best candidates in the market. This space is proving to be extremely competitive.

Develop mastery in your chosen profession so you will continue to create job opportunities throughout your entire life. Companies always want employees who can deliver results. Never forget to educate yourself. There is a wealth of learning available to you – on and off the Internet.

  1. Social Professional Networks


Behind us are the days when employers placed ads in the classifieds, recruiters visited colleges to find applicants, or people combed their local newspapers for jobs. Job seekers today are turning to online platforms—including LinkedIn, which allows them to search online for open positions, while employers also can use these platforms to sort through potential candidates more quickly and easily.

Talent leaders not only see social networks as a long-term trend, but as an effective employer brand channel that build essential relationships with potential candidates.

What should you do?

With trends looking positive, it is obvious now is the time to be putting yourself out there and to get your social profiles and job applications sorted. Ride the waves while the tide is high. Who knows your next job might just be your best Christmas present this year!

If you are struggling to find your way around your job search, don’t fret. First Avenue is here to the rescue. We provide tailored career-counselling services to help you get ahead. We will be able to guide you through improving your social profile & resume and advise you on the best way to land your desired job. Contact us via email at info@firstavenuegroup.com.au and we would welcome the opportunity to assist you in your job search needs.

Melissa Margoulis is the Chief Talent Officer at First Avenue Group, a company dedicated to connecting top organisations with top talent. Follow First Avenue for access to all the hottest career opportunities, news and industry trends in APAC. Be sure to follow First Avenue across Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook for the hottest jobs, trends and news in APAC

Article Written by: Yee Lin Loke, Chief Digital Marketer

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